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  • Lingeriewolf can help you make any night memorable. It is hard to find a reason not to own some sexy and erotic lingerie with all the choices and affordable prices out there. Lingeriewolf believes you deserve to look and feel great in sexy and erotic lingerie.
  • Which man can resist a woman in sexy lingerie? The answer is: not many. However you feel about yourself, sexy lingerie is a very good way to begin loving yourself again.
  • They are called panties, knickers, pants or undies and typically worn by girls or women in the area directly below the waist. Lingerie panties come in many types and fabrics.
  • According to Wikipedia a brassiere, commonly referred to as bras, is an article of clothing that covers, supports, and elevates the breasts.As well as an undergarment, the bra is considered a foundation garment...
  • A bustier is a piece of clothing for women, which can enhance your figure and is traditionally worn as lingerie. Bustiers reache down only to the ribs or the waist and pushes up the bust...
  • What are garter belts anyway and what function do they have? In case you do not know what stockings are (hard to believe, though), here it is: A stocking, sometimes referred to as hose, is a close-fitting, elastic garment covering the foot and most part of the leg.
  • Are you desperately trying to hide the love handles or muffin top which stare you in the face when you look into the mirror? Shapewear comes to the rescue!
  • There is a huge misconception when it comes to the word "plus size". Does "plus size" mean overweight? Not at all.
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