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The Case For Sexy Lingerie

Which man can resist a woman in sexy lingerie? The answer is: not many. However you feel about yourself, sexy lingerie is a very good way to begin loving yourself again (and there is a pretty good chance you will find love in the process, too). After all, men love sexy lingerie just as much as women (at least most of them).

Many women don't feel sexy anymore after marriage and children and think sexual appeal is just for the young and unmarried. And once a woman is over a certain age, most stop thinking of themselves as sexy all together. Not every woman can get back in shape as fast as desired after childbirth - especially if they have had more than one child - and some are very unhappy about their midsections and thighs. But there is a host of options available to you and sexy lingerie can hide imperfections and enhance your assets quite nicely. Chemises and teddies are great for masking the belly and tease playing. Corsets and bustiers do wonders for shaping your waist and pushing up your breasts. And if you are uncomfortable wearing thongs, there are many alternatives like boy shorts or stockings and many others available to you.

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Also, a great way to play up sexiness and further hide anything that may trouble you, are accessories. A simple ribbon around your neck, some silky gloves and a sexy pair of heels seldom fail to attract attention.

Men who used to think a woman over fifty has lost her sex appeal have long changed their minds. Because of healthy living, more exercise and a "young-at-heart" attitude, more and more women can be sexy for a very long time. And why not wear the "undies" to show it?

In many countries women are becoming more sexually appealing as they age, because they gain in knowledge and experience. Because there is very little difference between the garter belts and bras and bustiers worn by younger or older women, lingerie has been big business in these countries for many years. Good sexy lingerie is appreciated in these countries by young and old alike.

So, why not surprise your partner with a beautiful lingerie outfit to rekindle your spark? You could create an entire evening or a whole day of subtle teasing (this can work real magic, trust me).

Or, why not wear some erotic lingerie just for yourself? It will be an expression of your femininity and it most certainly will boost your self-acceptance and confidence.

Remember, if you want men of all ages lying at your feet, sexiness is always in the attitude. What are you waiting for? Go and get this sexy lingerie outfit now!

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